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RSS Developments

RSS Continues to Make Our Lives Easier

Lots of interesting news this week, all pointing to the fact (and demonstrating) how different RSS applications are actually making our lives easier. Yes, RSS is not only a tool for publishers to deliver their news and other similar content to their readers, but a tool that can profoundly help consumers in making their lives easier. And it just started ... Let's take a look at what went down this week ...

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Mobile RSS and RSS Advertising Going Strong

This week faced us with research negating the power of RSS, a pro-RSS survey, and much interesting news in-between. And now, latest reports indicate that RSS advertising and mobile RSS are continuing to grow strong.

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The Power of RSS For High-Importance Updates: RSS via SMS

You can now receive crucial information, which requests immediate attention, via RSS --> SMS. As this new development proves, RSS it not just for news, but provides applications that really improve our lives.

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Appcasting: Delivering Software Updates via RSS has a great article today on using RSS to deliver software updates to existing customers/users. The premise of appcasting is simple: give your customers/users an easy way to receive and download new software updates, patches etc. for your software, without forcing them to keep a constant eye on your web site to see if there's anything new.

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Branded RSS Aggregator Strategies and New Customizable RSS Aggregator

Branded RSS aggregators are seeing a lot of press this week, in part due to NewsGator's latest release and I'm also hoping that in part because companies are finally starting to see the full power of RSS. And then today I just received a call from a company that seems to have launched a freely customizable/brandable RSS aggregator. And if you're wondering what you could do with a branded RSS aggregator, here are just some of the incredible marketing opportunities.

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Important Developements in the Branded RSS Aggregator Arena

NewsGator just announced the launch of its NewsGator Media Platform, a "Private Label RSS Service for Media Companies", which is practically a branded RSS aggregator that media companies can promote to their visitors to convert them to RSS users and at the same time increase brand exposure and achieve a more personal contact with their readers.

:: Continue reading Another RSS Publishing Provider Joins the Game is yet another RSS publishing solution provider, taking the well-known hosted solution path. As many others, does offer an entry-level service for free.

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Kanoodle and Moreover Join Forces for RSS Advertising

MediaWeek just released the news that Kanoodle is starting to offer ad space in RSS feeds, starting with feeds from Moreover, one of the largest news aggregator providers in the world. While many purists will resent RSS advertising, there is probably no stopping it.

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Establishing RSS Advertising Standards

While marketing oriented RSS benchmarks and metrics standards for publishers might still be far, a group of companies has started to lay down the work for RSS advertising standards. Can IAB keep up?

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An Advancement in RSS Metrics?

RSS Metrics is one of the hotest RSS topics right now, which is quite understandable, since a key requirement for a channel to be effective as a marketing tool is the ability to measure and analyze it in full. And now, there's a new player on the market, promising the "riches" ...

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