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[July 5, 2007]
Unleash RSS Marketing in Japan

[June 4, 2007]
How Google's Acquisition of FeedBurner Will Change RSS Marketing

[May 4, 2007]
Amazon Soft-Launches RSS Feeds for Product Tags

[May 3, 2007]
The NewsGator Interview: RSS in the Enterprise - Manage Internal Information More Easily

[May 3, 2007]
The NewsGator Interview: RSS for Online Media and Branded RSS Readers

[May 3, 2007]
The NewsGator Interview: How are Vista and IE Changing the RSS Landscape?

[May 3, 2007]
Flying to Boston for the ACCM Conference

[April 16, 2007]
Bryan Eisenberg RSS Interview, part 2: RSS Marketing Best Practices

[April 11, 2007] Discussions and Reviews via RSS

[April 4, 2007]
Bryan Eisenberg RSS Interview, part 1: Making RSS Radars Work to Increase Your Sales

Rok Hrastnik on Marketing:

The Interactive Optimization Blog
Interactive Optimization and Analytics Blog focuses on practical strategies and tactics on optimizing your internative marketing mix, from traditional direct to online, including channel integration, e-commerce and processes.

[March 26, 2007]
Defining Online Conversion: Combining Action and Exposure Elements

[March 11, 2007]
Defining Online Conversion: The Multi-Channel Component

[March 7, 2007]
The Quiet Revolution in Teleshopping

[March 1, 2007]
Defining Online Conversion: The Conversion Time Component

[March 1, 2007]
Defining Online Conversion: The Process Component

The different marketing approach: Real-life marketing experience, views and results. Commentary included.

[April 3, 2006] Redesign - Hit or Bust?

[March 8, 2006]
Joe Vitale's New Book Launch Campaign

[November 28, 2005]
A Personal Story of Helping Hurricane Victims

[November 21, 2005]
Internet Marketing in Estonia

[November 14, 2005]
The Revolution in Online Conversions: Google Analytics

[November 14, 2005]
Don't Put Obstacles on Your Conversion Path

[November 2, 2005]
The Crazy Idea of Using Blogs for Business

[October 5, 2005]
Great Customer Service, Not Branding Creates Brand Loyalty

[September 26, 2005]
Test Results: Optimizing Web Sales via Web Advertising Analysis

[September 21, 2005]
The Future of the Marketing Diary

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