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November 14, 2005

The Revolution in Online Conversions: Google Analytics

Google has been demonstrating time and time again that they certainly have game-changing capabilities, but their latest move might come of as the greatest revolution any company at any time launched for the small-business and even enterprise marketer.

Just recently, Google came out with their Google Analytics service, for the first time bringing the power of almost enterprise-grade web analytics to every marketer out there --- for free.

Although there has been some talk of this happening for quite some time, it still comes as a shock.

Up until now, small-business marketers and independant marketers really didn't have that much choice in comprehensive web analytics services, as most were beyond their financial reach. Now, every marketer has been given an opportunity to dilligenty whatch their web metrics, especially their online conversion scenarios, and act on them to further improve his online conversions.

While I haven't had the time to test the service myself, what they offer does look impressive, even going as far as providing Sales Funnel Visualization.

And for me personally, this as well changes much. Even as a dedicated online conversions optimizer, I still evaded the subject somewhat on my site, due to the fact that marketers use a variety of inadequate web metrics solutions, making my advice practically useless unless they switch to some of the more comprehensive solutions.

So, kudos to Google.

And I refuse to go in to what Google might be doing with all the aggregate data generated by their Analytics users:) Let it suffice to say that they will without doubt gain insight in to incredible wealth of information on how internet users use the internet ... way way beyond search.

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