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February 2005

RSS Advertising: Interview with Bill Flitter,

We interviewed Bill Flitter of, one of the leading people in the RSS marketing industry, to get all the key information about advertising in RSS feeds.

:: Continue reading Another RSS Publishing Provider Joins the Game is yet another RSS publishing solution provider, taking the well-known hosted solution path. As many others, does offer an entry-level service for free.

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Kanoodle and Moreover Join Forces for RSS Advertising

MediaWeek just released the news that Kanoodle is starting to offer ad space in RSS feeds, starting with feeds from Moreover, one of the largest news aggregator providers in the world. While many purists will resent RSS advertising, there is probably no stopping it.

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Mobile Photo RSS Reader just released a mobile application that enables you to read the RSS feeds and view any associated images formatted exactly to the size of your mobile display.

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The Nooked RSS Directory

Nooked, an RSS publishing solution provider, just launched a new RSS feed directory, to help prospective readers locate RSS feeds of interest.

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RSS E-book Feedback That Just Made My Day

Rok, What you did is not fair! You've left everyone else nothing more on the subject of RSS to write about. Now I understand why Pakii calls your book the 'best on the planet' - I agree. It is the most comprehensive, detailed and complete writing on the topic of RSS feed marketing and publishing I've read.

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Leaving for London

OK, I'm just about to leave for London for a week. I'll try to check my e-mail, so if you need anything, just drop me a note

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RSS Feed Customization: Audio Interview With Mark Carlson, SimpleFeed

RSS feed customization could become one of the hot RSS topics in the near future, but right now there are just too few companies doing it ... and too few providers offering RSS feed customization solutions. SimpleFeed, however, is one of them, and we interviewed Mark Carlson to give us all the details:)

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#2: What is RSS?

We continue the RSS marketing & publishing tutorial by explaining what RSS is in the first place.

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From E-book to X-event: The Interview

Robin Good and Alex Williams discuss X-events, especially how my "Unleash" e-book can be transformed in to an ongoing event. This is practically a follow-up to the suggestions that Robin already gave me publicly some time ago. A great interview that really expands on Robin's original ideas and provides additional insight in to creating extended events from singular products.

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New "How to Podcast" Blog

Tinu just launched her new Podcasting blog, and already posted a "how to" video on Podcasting. Go take a look.

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Useful RSS Applications That Make Life Easier

While readers of this blog might be under the impression that RSS is only good for marketing and content publishing, that's very far from the truth. Surprisingly, and luckily as well, RSS is slowly finding its way in to everyday use and is starting to make our lives easier well beyond "siple" internet content delivery. Library Elf is one of such applications, helping you keep tabs on when you need to return your library material, and even when your holds are ready and when they are about to explire, all this using e-mail and RSS.

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We Want Your RSS Story

Have you already implemented an RSS feed? Do you already have an RSS marketing & publishing strategy in place? What have you learned? What mistakes have you made? We want to hear your story and publish it ...

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Choices: New RSS Aggregators and RSS Publishing Solutions

As I wrote today on Lockergnome, RSS is really all about choices. In the spirit of choices, just today came the news of a new free RSS publishing solution, as well as the news of two new RSS aggregators.

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RSS Metrics: Audio Interview with Stuart Watson, SyndicateIQ

In this audio interview, Stuart Watson of SyndicateIQ reveales how their RSS metrics service works, and especially what RSS marketers and publishers can really achieve with relevant RSS metrics. Stuart also discusses the workgroup SyndicateIQ, and Feedburner formed to provide some RSS ad standards and best practices for RSS publishers and advertisers. Stuart expects to have the standards ready for IAB by 2006. Among other things, Stuart also gives some great ideas on how marketers can take best advantage of RSS.

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New RSS E-book Review from TopRank

It's nice to see reviews for your e-book come in constantly. Here's the latest, this time from Lee Odden of TopRank: "... the most comprehensive resource for marketing via RSS and blogs ..."

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Free Public Preview of RSS Reader for Microsoft Outlook

You Software just released the news that it's inviting Microsoft Outlook users to preview their RSS Reader for Outlook.

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Free RSS to HTML PHP Script from NotePage

NotePage, the maker of FeedForAll, a client-side RSS publishing application, just released a free RSS to HML PHP script.

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New Web-Based RSS Aggregator from CNET

WebProNews seems to have the exclusive news of CNET preparing to launch their own web-based RSS aggregator, NewsBurst, which will be competing with Bloglines and other similar web services.

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Another Client-Side RSS Publishing Application

The Different District reports that Reinvented Software just released a new client-side RSS publishing application, Feeder 1.0.

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My RSS Creator Review & Audio Interview With Rodney Rumford

I recently had the privilege of testing the My RSS Creator, an easy to use hosted RSS publishing solution, and then doing an audio interview with one of its fathers, Rodney Rumford. Continue reading to see a video review of the solution and hear Rodney and me discuss some great RSS case studies, content syndication and other RSS marketing aspects.

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USA Today on Podcasting

USA Today just published a front-page article on podcasting, speculating whether it�s potentially disruptive to the �grand strategies� of big tech and media companies, and explaining the basics of podcasting.

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Audio Interview with Tinu Abayomi-Paul: Using RSS For Search Engine Positioning

We interviewed Tinu Abayomi-Paul to get the scoop on the best tactics of using RSS for increasing search engine rankings, as well as a huge load of tips and tactics for generating traffic using all relevant means available. Tinu shares her best secrets and gives step-by-step instructions to help you get more traffic as soon as possible.

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RSS For E-mail Marketers: RSS Autopublisher Review #1

As I reported earlier on Lockergnome, today marks the launch of yet another hosted RSS publishing solution, this time especially aimed at small-business internet marketers. I've had the privilege of testing the RSS Autopublisher for a few weeks before its release, and was really amazed with the implemented marketing features, such as follow-up autoresponder messages, subscription forms and personalization.

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#1: Introduction to Marketing with RSS

We start the RSS Marketing & Publishing Tutorial with an introduction to marketing with RSS, explaining the key marketing functions that RSS provides to marketers and publishers.

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Defining the Role of Dialog Facilitators ... How do They Figure In Your Marketing Strategy?

With the growing importance and need for a corporate marketing role to take advantage of the ongoing blog and RSS conversations throughout the internet, we need to actually define these new business roles and see how we can start taking advantage of them now.

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Submit Your RSS Feed to MSN Search

How to submit your RSS feed to MSN Search ...

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What Does Marqui's "Conversation Coordinator" Do?

What does Marqui's Conversation Coordinator actually do and how far from "dialog facilitation" is it? Is Marqui actually the first company to formalize this role? And most importantly, are we seeing the start of an evolution of a new internet job description?

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Audio Interview with Paul Chaney: The Pro Bloggers Association, Blogging Transparentcy, Becoming an A-list Blogger and RSS

What is the Professional Bloggers Association? What are its goals? And most especially, how can they help (and plan to help) professional bloggers? What makes for an A-list blogger, and how can one become one of the top bloggers on the internet? What are the exact steps for getting readership and increasing your blog traffic? How to increase your RSS readership? Is there a witch-hunt on for bloggers who promote things with their blogs? Are the "transparentcy police" really here?

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Library Stuff RSS E-book Review

Stephen M. Cohen, a Librarian/Writer/Consultant, and "the" blogger for librarians, just posted a review of Unleash on his blog ...

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Blogs Into Books? Free Traffic Tips [The Book] #1

Tinu Abayomi-Paul just converted her blog on generating traffic via RSS feeds and blogs in to an e-book. An interesting concept, especially for those looking to monetize on their hard authoring work. And a great resource on anything you could think of to use to generate more traffic.

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RSS Content Syndication Powers Online Conversations

As many examples already show, online conversations are not powered only by people actually blogging and communicating, but also through the power of RSS content syndication (automatic), which "carries" the content throughout the internet and creates "countless" new conversation starting points.

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Marketers Ruining RSS?

A "consumercy" critic "slaps" me for "farting in the breeze" to make RSS accepted as a marketing channel.

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Blog Conversation Coordinators

Marqui, the company that pays bloggers to review and blog about their CMS, just hired a "conversation coordinator". Definitive proof that blog (and RSS) conversations are becoming increasingly important ... and increasingly time-consuming to track and react to as well.

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