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January 2005

RSS, Blogging and PR Interview with Sally Falkow,

To bring you the best of RSS and help you make the most of what this powerful content delivery channel provides, is publishing a series of audio interviews and conversations with experts from different fields, which all have one thing in common: RSS. The first expert interviewed is Sally Falkow, a PR expert who discovered how to get from zero search engine visibility to #1 search engine rankings through the use of blogsites.

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First RSS Marketing E-book Update [1.1]: Increase Search Engine Visibility

As promised to our customers, just a week and a half after the e-book launch, the first major update for "Unleash the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS" e-book has been launched. The key update is the new chapter, titled "Using RSS for an increase in clicks, more linking, and better search engine visibility" ...

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Being Different by Saying No to RSS Advertising?

Should companies differentiate themselves by not using advertising in their RSS feeds?

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Establishing RSS Advertising Standards

While marketing oriented RSS benchmarks and metrics standards for publishers might still be far, a group of companies has started to lay down the work for RSS advertising standards. Can IAB keep up?

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An Advancement in RSS Metrics?

RSS Metrics is one of the hotest RSS topics right now, which is quite understandable, since a key requirement for a channel to be effective as a marketing tool is the ability to measure and analyze it in full. And now, there's a new player on the market, promising the "riches" ...

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Blog Business Summit - RSS Conversations Live

Hundreds of online conversations, made possible with the power of RSS, going on all at once. That's hundreds of business opportunities to keep up with. The Blog Business Summit generated 20 posts around the world just within the past hour and 17 minutes. A new world of communication ...

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Huge RSS Marketing E-book Review

One of the first "full" reviews of the e-book just "hit the waves". Are you interested in what the author had to say?

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Going For the Hard Sell?

MarketingVOX compares the "detached, rational tone" of the e-book in cotrast to the "sales pages' hard sell copy". Is the "hard sell" really too much and actually decreases the product's value in the eyes of a savvy marketer?

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More "RSS Publicity" from the Blogging Community

Direct quotes from many of the sources referencing "Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS". It just makes you love blogs ...

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On Marketing With RSS Aggregators & Jim Gray's Address to Quikonnex Members

Jim Gray of Quikonnex discusses with his members the quality of most RSS related material on the Web.

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Challenge to the RSS Industry: RSS Metrics Standardization

Alex Barnett discusses the problem of RSS Metrics, more precisely the lack of any real standards. The question (and a challenge to everyone) I'm asking is why don't we, the RSS industry, do something about this?

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Huge Publicity Generated on Launch

"Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS" generated some cool publicity on its first day (and actually some days prior to that, with people beating me to the announcement:). It all came to a climax about 12 hours from now ... And I do love the comments ...

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Robin's Marketing List & How to Turn an E-book in to an X-Event

Robin's top 10 marketing ideas on how to transform an e-book in to a continiuos event, using the power of RSS of course.

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The RSS Diary Launched

Welcome to the RSS Diary blog, covering the latest RSS news, best practices and also the events surrounding the new RSS marketing e-book, Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS.

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