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Introduction to Strategic Marketing Pillars

Strategic marketing pillars combine the basic marketing principles and concepts that form the marketing philosophy, which we convey through our work, information products, activities and advice.

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Marketing as an Integrated Communicational Process

As first established by guerrilla marketing, marketing is all communication a company has with its environment, which includes all of its key target audiences, such as prospects, clients, partners, investors, general public and the media.

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The Marketing Strategy as the Essential Element

Marketing should be built on a firm long-term marketing strategy, which is to be placed at the forefront of the company, guiding all its development activities, marketing activities, communicational activities and actions.

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One-on-One Sales as the First Step

One sales and marketing myth needs to be addressed. The myth is: Mass marketing eliminates (or replaces) the need for personal, one-on-one sales.

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Constant Change

Change is the only real constant.

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