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First Split-Test Results

As I explained we're doing a series of split-tests to determine what landing page works best for the Enlightened Salesperson in terms of sales.

But as Kev Polley pointed out, the landing page itself really didn't matter to him when it came to the purchase, because he already trusted us and was a loyal customer.

"I didn't read your sales page at all. I just bought the book because it looked (based on the headline and sub-head.) as if it would help improve things in an area I'd been looking at."

The results from the first round prove he has a point.

The conversion rates of the 4 separate test sites range from 46% to 54%, which, considering the small size of our marketing partners database, is not much (the difference).

We're prolonging this very same test in to the 2nd round as well to see if we can pick a real winner among the 4 web sites and then move on to test other elements.

BTW - In round 2 we are giving our marketing partners an exclusive chance to promote the e-book to their customers even before we promote it to ours (that's round 3).

I'll keep you updated ...

On the other hand --> I'm wondering whether a wrong kind of web site would have pushed Kev away from making the purchase?

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