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New ES Split-Tests and Partnership Contest

Due to lack of time we haven't been working as much as I had hoped on the Enlightened Salesperson project for these past few weeks. Unfortunately time is still short and I don't see that improving much over the next month or so as well ...

But, we haven't abandoned the project either.

1. We did some major improvements to the sales web site, based on previous split-testing. You're welcome to take a look (hopefully you won't hit the control:).

a) The number of links on the menu has been reduced to 4 and all excesive content that was adding barriers for people to buy was removed.

b) A personal recorded greeting (by me:) was added.

c) The sales letter was further improved.

d) Testimonials are no longer just images with short testomial excerpts, but full-text comments we got from our readers.

e) The headline is no longer a graphic, but "ordinary" text.

f) All the bonuses people get when they buy are now further presented with individual graphics.

g) The 30-day money back guarantee was replaced by a 90-day money back guarantee.

I'm really dying to see how these improvements perform:)

2. We just announced a special contest for our ES marketing partners that are helping us promote the e-book.

They'll be getting a 70% commission for a week, and the top partner (has to make at least 10 sales to qualify) will also receive a 300 USD cash prize and a full 100% commission for the first 10 copies of the e-book sold in the first two weeks after the contest is over.

But, since we didn't want those partners with smaller lists and readership to feel like they can't win this, we're also holding a creativity contest for the most creative marketing partner during that week.

The goal is, naturally, to increase sales, but even more importantly, to boost marketing partnership activities.

I'll let you know how it all works out, as always:)

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