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Enlightened Salesperson Launch Time!

It took us some time (actually about two years), but our Enlightened Salesperson project is finally coming closer to public launch. We just started marketing it to our existing marketing partners today.

Why should this matter to you?

Because we'll keep you posted on what we're doing, how and with what success!

As I said, we launched today with an exclusive offer for our existing 478 marketing partners around the world.

1. They already received two mailings prior to today, telling them more about the project and getting them interested ... and ready to react to the special offer in the next 4 days.

2. We're doing a 4-way split test on the sales page. We're of course looking to find out what approach works best.

For now, we're testing sales letter length and web site graphics (on separate tests of course).

I'll keep you updated.

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