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The Future of Marketing

I gave a two-hour lecture on the future of marketing at the Gea College of Entrepreneurship last week. What surprised me most was the fact that most people are not only not ready for the future, but also do not understand that marketing, due to constant change, is an ever changing field.

Granted, trends come and go, but some elements of our future can be foretold with much precision. We perhaps don't have to be ready today, but we need to have at least a general conception of where things are going.

In reality, we really can't even start preparing for the technology advanced that are sure to come and change marketing forever ... but we should be aware of them, slowly adjusting our whole marketing strategy so that when the time does come we are ready.

Getting ready for the future doesn't mean embracing yet non-existant technology --- it rather means improving our marketing strategy and proccesses so that when the future does come, we only need to implement it, without having to remodel our marketing completely.

What future am I talking about anyway?

1. Integration of the internet with mobile technologies.

2. Interactive TV.

3. The ultimate rule of permission marketing.

The three are coming, no question about that. But will we be ready?

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