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The John Botscharow Interview #15: Channel Advertising

Rok: You've recently also moved to offering advertising on your channel. How is this working out from the following viewpoints: 1. Your "internal" advertising --- how effective is it and what can we do to increase our own effectiveness? 2. How is this working out for you as a publisher, in terms of revenue? 3. How satisfied are your advertisers? Can you share any responses and perhaps even statistics with us?

John: Both the Ads by Quikonnex (similar in format to Google Ads) and the AdsOnQ "solo" ads are very new. Ads by Quikonnex is still in beta testing. A few Q publishers are testing the system to make sure it works correctly. There are no real statistics to report on this since this has not been made generally available.

AdsOnQ just went live a couple of weeks ago. We have sold a few ads but, again, it is way to early to have any statistically significant numbers to report as of yet.

Ads by Quikonnex is on my channel not as a revenue maker. It is there as a service to my readers and as part of my commitment to the Quikonnex publishing community. That's why I volunteered to be a guinea pig for the beta testing. If I make a few bucks from it, fine. If not, that's cool too.

As far as AdsOnQ goes, since I am a founding member and on the board of directors of AdsOnQ, that makes me a part owner. As a part owner, I make money differently than a publisher who joins the co-op. I am not at liberty to reveal any details of that arrangement, other than to say, if the co-op makes money, I make money. At this point, I have no complaints. :-)

Since we have only gotten our first few advertisers for AdsOnQ in the last week, it is too early to discuss their reactions. The thing that we feel will make our advertisers happy is that these ads are syndicated, searchable and, if all goes well, the ads themselves will get respectable, at least, rankings on the search engines. They also are permanent ads.

This is what makes them so much more attractive than email ads. Email ads get sent out once and then they are gone. They never get picked up by the search engines. Plus, with the itemized statistics provided by Quikonnex we can provide our advertisers with EXACT statistics of how many people are reading their ads every month. Unless you have a very large budget, that is something email publishers cannot provide. They may claim they can, but given the fallibility of email delivery, I don't believe it.

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