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How Not to Sell

Today I heard two very interesting personal sales stories ... that tell exactly how not to sell ... unless you want to do permanent damage to your brand and completely destroy your chances of getting repeat business from your customers.

Flower Relief

How do you, while trying to sell your books door-to-door, get your foot in the door and make the sale?

This salesman rang on the door and then started relieving himself on the nearest flower pot, just as the apartments owner was checking who's at the door.

Then he said: "Let me in and buy a book from me and I'll go do this to your neighbor."


Another book salesman got a brilliant idea (not!) ... he specialized only in prospects over 80 years old, preferably nearing 90, on a 12 installment payment plan. Unfortunately, most of his buyers died before paying even half of the installments.

And their guardians weren't too happy about this either.

Not something you want to do if your brand name and long-term profits matter to you ...

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