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Boris Vene

Boris Vene, the "European MLM Legend", is the co-author of The Enlightened Salesperson and The Millionaire Mindset....

Boris Vene is known as one of the most distinguished European international speakers, motivators and personal coaches in the areas of leadership, communication and development of human potential.

In his rich career he has been responsible for the business records of many of the most reputable Slovenian and European organizations, as well as for the remarkable personal growth of many individuals and groups.

His large references list and the number of thank you letters he receives from his customers and partners prove his expertise, success, great heart and gift for working with people. He has devoted his life to personal growth and the discovery of human potential.

During his rich life Boris Vene has achieved many victories. Some of his accomplishments are:

  • Record sales in many Slovenian and foreign multi-level marketing systems along with founding his own.
  • Trained entrepreneurs in many different countries.
  • Traveled over many countries and continents with a desire to understand various cultures and people and has, among other things during his travels, lived with the spiritual teacher Sri Sathya Sai Baba in India and communicated with Shamans and other spiritual teachers.
  • Helped entrepreneurs to negotiate in an ethical manner - one that allowed all parties to win in situations that began apparently unsolvable.
  • Successfully solved many communication problems among employees and between employees and their employers.
  • Helped to establish and maintain business relationships.
  • Assisted the jobless and those who worked under bad conditions to build successful careers.
  • With his work as an Investment Adviser, he helped reinstate the value of saving, which was destroyed during the times of hyperinflation. Some of the people he assisted gained more than 100% returns over several years.
  • The author of a series of lectures, worksops and seminars (Life Energy Lectures) based on recognizing the life energy and using it consciously and daily in life and business
  • Consultant and trainer of many large, mid-European corporations, as well as several small to mid-sized companies interested in dynamic growth and development, and the Slovenian Gouverment
  • A leader in many corporations and international projects that deal with developing organizations and human potential through the method of respecting human values and include economy, ethics and ecology
  • Today he's a speaker and lecturer at many elite world conferences (such as the Worldwide Lessons in Leadership Series (with Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Martha Rogers, etc.), a lecture on the international boat Marco Polo, Softcom 2000 conference, etc.) and international professional gatherings in the area of development of human potential.

His goal in life is to teach by example everyone who is willing to listen, that you can achieve anything you desire in your life - without giving things up, through joy and happiness and not suffering. He grows nearer to his goal every day.

Here are just a few companies he consulted or provided education for together with his partner, Boris Vene:

Adria Airways (the only Slovenian passenger flight provider), Amway, Atlas American Express, Bank of Slovenia, Slovenian Parliament, Concorde, Croatian Telecommunications (HT), Slovenian Telecom, Krka and Lek (global pharmaceutical corporations), Oriflame Slovenia, Minolta, Network21, Petrol, Breweries Zlatorog Lasko and Union (the largest breweries in Slovenia), Postal Services Slovenia, Renault, Slovenian Railroads, ELAN, SoftCOM Plus 2000 - Business Forum, Unichem, Worldwide Lessons in Leadership, Kmecka Druzba (the largest investment company in Slovenia whose mutual investment fund Galileo generated the largest ROI in Europe in 2002), World Trade Center Split (Croatia), Winener Stadtische Austria...

Their primary work is helping corporations achieve better results of their employees as individuals and of the company as a whole. Their work in corporations and with individuals is never focused only at generating greater business results or achieving greater happines, joy or harmony - but is always a combination of all these factors.

"The time has come for us to unite all of the experiences and "primitive knowledge" of the ancient civilizations with the findings of modern science and society - and then we will live even more fully and with even more content.

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