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Nikola Grubisa

Nikola Grubisa is, among other books the co-author of The Enlightened Salesperson and The Millionaire Mindset....

Nikola Grubisa is an internationally recognized European sales and marketing consultant who's real passion has always been strategic selling. He is also the co-author of the international bestseller "The Millionaire Mindset: How to Tap Real Wealth from Within".

His knowledge comes from rich experience and exchanges with the marketing leaders of the world with which he cooperates.

He helped many companies achieve extraordinary results, without any "traditional" sales training and sales education. His approach is based on helping people awake their true personal power, allowing them to be who they are, and then use that in their sales activities.

This approach originates from his passion of research of ancient knowledge and approaches, and then applying them to real life situations.

The common point of all his work is: everything should come from the heart; you have to build a strong identity and state of integrity � and then "communicate this energy to others".

One of the results this achieves are greater sales ... on top of greater sales force or individual salesperson satisfaction.

Nikola's primary goal is helping people and companies become incredible and exceptional ... to become everything they can.

Highlights from his career include:

  • Opening a pub with his friend long ago to which they attracted a full house on their first night with no advertising (using only word-of-mouth) and covering their complete investment for the pub in their first week of operations.

  • Opening an advertising agency without any previous advertising experience. Only one phone call was needed to get the interest and invitations from the leading ad people in the country ... and an exclusive long-term contract for open-air advertising.

  • Taught many managers ways of approaching customers in a different, extremely effective and ethical way, while increasing their revenues, decreasing their costs and motivating their employees to better enjoy their work.

  • Consulted Small Business Development Centers, Chambers of Craft, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Administrative - Territorial Units of Slovenia and various Slovenian Communities.

  • Author of many books, scripts and other educational materials.

Here are just a few companies he consulted or provided education for together with his partner, Boris Vene:

Adria Airways, Amway, Atlas American Express, Bank of Slovenia, Slovenian Parliament, Concorde, Croatian Telecommunications (HT), Slovenian Telecom, Krka and Lek (global pharmaceutical corporations), Oriflame Slovenia, Minolta, Network21, Petrol, Breweries Zlatorog Lasko and Union (the largest breweries in Slovenia), Postal Services Slovenia, Renault, Slovenian Railroads, ELAN, SoftCOM Plus 2000 - Business Forum, Unichem, Worldwide Lessons in Leadership, Kmecka Druzba (the largest investment company in Slovenia whose mutual investment fund Galileo generated the largest ROI in Europe in 2002), World Trade Center Split (Croatia), Winener Stadtische Austria...

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